ETS-500 stair climber

Power stair climber for ergonomic enclosure transport

LOHMEIER's power stair climber simplifies enclosure handling and transport. Working like a motorised hand truck, the climber enables users to easily move cabinets up or down a flight of stairs. The system supports loads up to 540 kg. The stair climber's motor does all the lifting. The operator's sole job is to ensure proper balance of the load. The ETS-500 is powered by an integrated, maintenance-free battery.

The star climber not only makes work less physically demanding for operators, but also reduces the risk of muscular or even bone injuries.

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View a video that shows how the system works.
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•    One-man operation
•    540 kg max. load
•    battery power for up to 150 steps
•    climbing speed ca. 12 steps per minute
•    load secured by safety belt
•    protective gliding bands prevent damage to stairs
•    load is protected from scratches by plastic covers on the climber's frame

Users can draw on a wide range of accessories for quick and easy adaptations of the ETS-500 to various different tasks. Extras include e.g.

•    pneumatic tires for moving across uneven terrain
•    a support frame on wheels to park the stair climber with a load
•    a lifting fork with a cable winch for forklift operation (max. lifting distance 1350 mm; an ETS-500 can handle loads up to 320 kg in forklift operation)
•    a larger load plate for particularly heavy loads or round objects
•    a replacement battery
•    a battery charger
•    an extra safety belt with press studs for securing particularly heavy loads

Another video provides an introduction to the accessories and a quick assembly demonstration.

ETS-500 power stair climber accessories

Stair climber accessories

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