H series enclosure heaters

H series enclosure heaters

Compact heaters for switching cabinets and other enclosures fitted with electrical or electronic equipment.Condensate that may accumulate inside an enclosure due to varying temperatures can result in malfunctions or even cause total failures of components installed within. High-performance enclosure heaters keep temperatures in check and prevent condensate from accumulating. Heater fans ensure that warm air is evenly distributed inside the enclosure. They are designed for permanent operation.The PTC heating element's self-regulating functionality is no replacement for a thermostat/hygrostat (see temperature control brochure or system accessories tab on the thermostats, temperature controllers etc. page).

(Excerpts from the factory default LOHMEIER)

Please consult our heating brochure (PDF, 4.5 MByte) for detailed descriptions and information on semiconductor enclosure heaters and high-performance heater fans.

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