eCOOL cooling units for door, side and roof setup

eCOOL cooling units for door, side and roof setup

With cooling units our eCOOL series are three exceptional product lines available. Among the devices for partially recessed installation page (DTI) and the side-mounted (DTS) is an absolute novelty: The roof-mounted cooling unit DTT. It offers unique security through an innovative, patented condensate management system and can be installed in small spaces. 

  • Highly energy efficient cooling units in the eCOOL series
  • Cooling capacities from 500 to 4000 W
  • Tool-free installation by one man in just 2 minutes reduced installation and service costs
  • Integrated and patented codensate evaporation
  • Optional multi-controller with additional power-saving mode
  • Multi-Master function to control up to 10 devices, and individual programming and analysis capabilities
  • A panel cutout for 5 power outputs allows equipment-sharing with minimal installation effort
  • Large distance between intake and exhaust vents, safe circulation within the cabinet

(Excerpts from the factory default LOHMEIER)

Watch a video about DTI cooling units.

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