VSP series stainless steel control panels

VSP series stainless steel control panels

LOHMEIER's stainless steel control panels are designed for use in aggressive environments or hygienically sensitive locations, e.g. in the chemical industry or food and beverage plants. Due to their technical properties (mechanical design, IP rating etc.), these panels ensure excellent protection and safety even under extreme conditions (e.g. exposure to low temperatures and high humidity, acids or oil). Extras such as climate control equipment and sophisticated accessories can be added to create full-scale control panel systems solutions.

•    sturdy sheet steel enclosure construction, material no. 1.4301
•    zinced mounting plates included in supply with all control panel types
•    standardised locking systems, 3 mm double bit lock (can be exchanged for any other common locking system)
•    door version (IP55) with concealed hinges opening at least 120°/147°, depending on type
•    smoothed finish on the outside
•    excellent operator safety: standard desk panels always open with gas struts support, console design and construction ensures totally safe stand and perfectly ergonomic operation (following BG (German employers' liability insurance association) recommendations for the workplace)
•    control panels can be complemented by an extensive range of system accessories including plinths, paper rest ledges, acrylic window hoods etc.

(Excerpts from the factory default LOHMEIER)

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