VB, VGA, VGL, VG series stainless steel enclosures

VB, VGA, VGL, VG series stainless steel enclosures

LOHMEIER's large, floor-standing stainless steel enclosures are designed for use in aggressive environments or hygienically sensitive locations, e.g. in the chemical or food and beverage industries. Their technical properties (IP ratings; hazardous area Ex designs where needed) ensure excellent protection even under extreme conditions (e.g. exposure to low temperatures, high humidity etc.). Users can also draw on LOHMEIER's climate control concepts and various other sophisticated accessories to create high-performance enclosure systems from a range of components.

Stainless steel floor-standing enclosures

•    body and door made of 2 mm gauge stainless V2A sheet steel, material no 1.4301
•    mounting plate made of 3 mm zinced sheet steel, double chamfer on sides
•    door with full-size internal reinforcement frame
•    hinges open 120°, easily unhingeable
•    bar lock with 3 mm double bit insert
•    enclosure back plane is sealed (screwed)
•    two-piece bottom plates, removable
•    roof plate closed
•    4 M16 eye bolts for crane transport included
•    earthing connections for door, body, and mounting plate
•    smoothed finish on the enclosure outside
•    IP55 / EN 60529

(Excerpts from the factory default LOHMEIER)

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