Support arm systems / swing arms

Support arm systems / swing arms

Flexible support arm systems and swing frames for command consoles / operator panels

Variability, an up-to-date design, and extremely easy installation - those are key characteristics most machine and plant engineers require from a swing arm. LOHMEIER's CS-3000 raises the standard: featuring an elegant industrial design, sophisticated ergonomics, and a variety of compatible and interoperable components, this series is a truly innovative support arm system for modular enclosures.

•    long lifespan and a functionality that can be relied on thanks to anodised aluminium profiles
•    fewer dirt traps thanks to smooth mechanical transitions from the arm itself to other components
•    protective coating on arm fixation screws for sealing threaded holes and securing screws
•    sleek design; smaller profiles can be integrated via optional square-to-round-pipe width reduction
•    optional modular upgrades for support arm couplings (including retrofits), e.g. slim enclosure adaptors, tilted installation adaptors etc.
•    IP65 ingress protection
•    sophisticated ergonomics for easier, less tiring operation
•    perfect control console solution from a single source: the CS-3000 support arm system is particularly easy to install, which saves machine or systems manufacturers a considerable amount of time and expenses
•    complementing friction-locked arm fixation screws: sixfold positive connection due to component contour in the pipe slip-on section (an otherwise optional extra bored hole for safety purposes in overhead installations is unnecessary)
•    one-man assembly feasible for swing arm system as a whole
•    system can be freely adjusted to any position via the arm fixation screws
•    later readjustments do not require dismantling of entire system
•    cable/mounting openings at all deviating points of the system
•    pipes machined on one side, leaving other side to be cut to length (machining templates included)
•    several pipe lengths for variable swing arm assembly
•    adjustable torque (stiffness) for all rotating components (rough positioning) of support arm systems, fine adjustment via locking lever or screw

(Excerpts from the factory default LOHMEIER)

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