Modular enclosures / RS suite enclosures

Modular enclosures / RS suite enclosures

Due to their modular and flexible design, modular cabinets and suite systems feature a range of benefits that ensure particularly comfortable usability.

Providing very easy access and mounting options from all sides, they are e.g. also suitable for suite installation in perpendicular rows with a shared corner cabinet. These versatile industrial enclosures facilitate wiring across various cabinets when used for sizable machines or plants etc.

Product features for modular enclosures / suite enclosures:

•    modular enclosures are made from sturdy, high-quality sheet steel: 2.5 mm gauge profiles are used for primary system pillars, 2.0 mm gauge for enclosure roofs and bottom plates, with extra reinforcements around eye bolts for 4.5 mm total gauge, 2.0 mm gauge as well for doors and back planes, 2.5 to 3.0 mm gauge (varies by type) for zinced mounting plate
•    quality finish for all enclosure surfaces (inside and outside stoved with epoxy/polyester powder coating RAL 7035, min. 80 µm, excellent paint adhesion due to 5-stage iron phosphating preparation)
•    torsion-resistant primary system profiles, integrated to the roof and bottom units by diagonal welds for ultimate closed linkage
•    perforation on the system profiles accepts standard DIN connection elements
•    4 M16 heavy-duty eye bolts included in supply
•    screw connections providing galvanic contact and four corner brackets with extensive contact areas ensure excellent, full-scale EMC shielding via the zinced mounting plate of the modular enclosure; due to 36 mm double chamfered sides, the plate is extremely strong and almost totally vibration-proof
•    quick mounting via lower profile rails
•    long life locking system with maintenance-free plastic friction bearings and 4-point locking mechanism
•    concealed rugged 120° hinges, easily unhingeable (optionally 180° type), quickly reversible right/left hinge fitting
•    foamed PU door gasket / high ingress protection (>IP55, EN 60529; double door model: IP54)
•    back plane relieved of load (special support for one-person mounting comes pre-installed)
•    zinced door frame provides stability and excellent flexibility for building a system (door can be removed for custom machining)
•    all necessary suite installation and connection material automatically included with every enclosure
•    modular enclosures allow for easy assembly with standard tools
•    M8 screws with sturdy square collars engage into the system profile perforations preventing rotation
•    extensive system accessories available for modular enclosures
•    enclosure systems also available in stainless steel

(Excerpts from the factory default LOHMEIER)

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