Modular Enclosures / Suite Enclosures

Keeping your process costs in check.

Simply straightforward!

LOHMEIER's modular enclosures feature 6-point screw connections for simple and stable suite systems installations.

6 suite installation screws, installed within a mere 3 minutes, suffice to provide a maximum load capacity of 2.5 tons for every connection of adjacent enclosures.
The connection between any two enclosures can be reinforced by adding more screws up to a maximum of 10. The sturdy collar screws then resist a shear stress of more than 7 t.

Simple mounting!

Of course, these system screws are also very well suited to other mounting purposes in fitting an enclosure. As the square collar of a screw easily engages into the system perforation, users only need to apply the screwdriver from one side. Since standard screws are used, no special tools are needed - a substantial hands-on simplification, especially for suite installations of modular enclosures on location.

Time saved - money saved. Simply a good solution.

Suite enclosures brochure