Floor-standing enclosures

Floor-standing enclosures

LOHMEIER has modernized the floor standing enclosures family. For the users the following advantages arise in the new series BN:

  • construction as an economic modular system
  • base version can be equipped about a modular inside removal user-oriented
  • installation depth extended approx. 50mm
  • ingress protection IP 55 with 1-and 2-door enclosures

Example BN 2-door-version

Moreover, there are extensive system accessories. Thus assembly plinth and door profile rails are also available beside assembly bases and ground tins. These flexible enclosure systems can be adapted to every industrial surroundings. In addition, they are available as a sheet steel or stainless steel cabinet. These fllor standing enclosure are engineered to maintain required characteristics and technical features even when fitted with very heavy equipment. Also the cases offer place for big components and control elements. These types provide enough room for large components and controllers.

Product features for floor-standing enclosures / industrial enclosures:

    •    large enclosures based on an extremely sturdy chamfered and welded sheet steel construction
    •    industrial enclosures feature 2.0 mm gauge sheet steel bodies, doors and back planes
    •    2.5 to 3.0 mm gauge zinced sheet steel mounting plate (varies by type)
    •    industrial enclosures feature powder coated finish (RAL 7035 structure)
    •    earthing via body of enclosures, doors, and mounting plates
    •    foamed PU door gasket / ingress protection IP55 by EN 60529
    •    hinges open >120°
    •    bar lock with 3 mm double bit
    •    enclosures feature removable screwed back plane
    •    enclosure systems equipped with sturdy 3-part bottom plates
    •    auxiliary components like plinths, wall mounting lugs, transport kits, different locking systems, and other accessories available as listed in the 'Accessories' tab for floor-standing enclosures, in the 'System Accessories' section, or on request
    •    also available in stainless steel

(Excerpts from the factory default LOHMEIER)

Are you interested in a LOHMEIER floor-standing enclosure? Make your picks from the floor-standing enclosures / industrial enclosures list of articles to create and submit a customised request to us - we will respond with detailed information right away.

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