Wall-mounted enclosures - LOHMEIER enclosure manufacturing and fitting

Wall-mounted enclosures - LOHMEIER enclosure manufacturing and fitting

LOHMEIER wall-mounted enclosures are used as fuse boxes, electrical meter cabinets, power distribution boxes, large or small junction boxes for in-wall or on-wall installation, terminal boxes, etc for indoor use. LOHMEIER junction boxes are available in various sizes and with custom accessories for distribution tasks. These types of distribution cabinets can be supplied as sheet steel enclosures or stainless steel enclosures. Moreover, plastics enclosure versions of wall-mounted boxes and meter cabinets are available as well. This series of cabinets and boxes allows for very individual configurations and adaptations. LOHMEIER wall-mounted enclosures therefore feature a very versatile range of application.

Product features for wall-mounted enclosures / distribution cabinets:

    •    A/AT/AE type sheet steel distribution cabinets: body 1.5 mm, door 1.5 mm
    •    AF type sheet steel distribution cabinets: body 1.25 mm, door 1.5 mm
    •    stainless steel wall-mounted enclosures
    •    wall-mounted enclosures with zinced 2.5 mm mounting plate
    •    enclosures finished with protective powder coating, RAL 7035
    •    earthing connections available for main body of enclosure, door, and mounting plate
    •    foamed PU door gasket / high ingress protection (>IP55, EN 60529; double door cabinets: IP54)
    •    hinges open 140°/180° to the right, DIN compliant
    •    electrical meter cabinets available in many sizes and configurations
    •    sash fastener 3 mm double bit (bar lock for 1200 mm and taller distribution cabinets), can be exchanged for any other common lock system
    •    wall-mounted enclosures feature zinced mounting plate for basic electromagnetic protection
    •    cable entry through sheet steel bottom gland plates of cabinets
    •    rail systems, glazed doors, wall mounting lugs, locking systems and other wall-mounted enclosure accessories
    •    custom wall-mounting solutions for on-wall junction boxes or outdoor enclosures on request

(Excerpts from the factory default LOHMEIER)

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