BG bus system enclosures - LOHMEIER enclosure manufacturing and fitting

BG bus system enclosures - LOHMEIER enclosure manufacturing and fitting

LOHMEIER bus system enclosures greatly facilitate your handling of bus connections. LOHMEIER manufactures sheet steel enclosures featuring glazed windows made of Makrolon sheets. Available in a range of sizes, they enable an excellent view of the data bus and bus technology housed inside. When designing, manufacturing and fitting cabinets, LOHMEIER strives to provide individual enclosure solutions, which ensures that bus technology enclosures will meet the most varied requirements thanks to their broad and versatile model range and vast portfolio of accessories.

Product features for bus system enclosures:

•    sheet steel enclosures, powder coated, RAL 7035 structure
•    narrow chamfer on the bus box, robust drip rail design
•    easy access to the bus system inside the enclosure
•    extensive portfolio of accessories for the enclosure systems
•    cover attached via 180° hinges (GDZn powdercoated in black), quick release locks
•    enclosure cover supplied with foamed PU gasket, high ingress protection (IP65 / locks: IP54)
•    quick release locks in plastic sockets, precise contact pressure due to fixed latch length specification
•    good accessibility of drillings for wall mounting (even in fully fitted enclosures), blanking plugs for back plane knockouts
•    3 window types providing excellent LED visibility (Makrolon sheets bonded to the back of the enclosure cover)
•    removable zinced interior profiles (no doubling of material) providing galvanic connection
•    zinced support rail makes conductive contact upon installation
•    rail and clamping pieces are included in standard supply; adjustable in 12.5 mm increments; optimised for bus controllers and other bus technology
•    designed and manufactured with earthing for covers and gland plates via quick release flat plug connectors
•    multiple cable entry options to facilitate flexible routing of bus connections (gland plate types see bus system enclosures brochure, page 3)

(Excerpts from the factory default LOHMEIER)

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